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Icagen Issued U.S. Patent Covering Diagnostic and Discovery Applications of its Proprietary XRpro® X-Ray Fluorescence Technology

  • Issued patent relates to biomarker quantification using X-ray fluorescence spectrometry
  • Icagen also receives Notices of Allowance for two other related XRpro patents

DURHAM, N.C.-- Icagen, Inc. today announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted the company patent number 9,335,284 B2, “Methods for Analysis Using X-Ray Fluorescence,” covering applications of the company’s proprietary XRpro® X-ray fluorescence technology to the development of biomarkers and diagnostics. The company also said the USPTO had granted Notices of Allowance for two further patent applications covering the XRpro technology’s use in such applications, Nos. 14/715,218 and 14/715,206. The term of coverage for each of the three patents extends to 2031.

“Icagen’s XRpro platform makes this powerful method of molecular analysis via x-ray spectroscopy useful for examining important questions in biology. Many of these questions are relevant to the development and use of therapeutics and molecular diagnostics for significant medical needs, such as cancer,” said Doug Krafte, Ph.D., Icagen Chief Scientific Officer. “The unique aspect of this patent is the application of x-ray spectroscopy, long used for analytical purposes in materials science, to expand the elemental analysis of biological and clinical samples. While many approaches to elemental analysis in biology are capable of analyzing specific elements, we can simultaneously analyze a large fraction of the periodic table using the methods covered in these patents. We anticipate that this will allow us to identify unique markers of human disease progression as well as potentially allow Icagen to identify novel therapeutic targets for our partners’ efforts to discover and develop next-generation drugs.”

About XRpro®

XRpro® technology leverages the unique capabilities of X-ray fluorescence for high throughput elemental analysis applications in biology. These include plasma membrane ion channels and transporters, including non-electrogenic symporters and antiporters. XRpro® is a label-free technology that directly quantifies elements without dyes, fluorophores, and radiolabels and offers the ability to conduct assays in complex buffers and media, including 100% serum. All elements with an atomic number of 13 (aluminum) or greater are measured simultaneously, including biologically important monovalent ions (e.g., K+), divalent ions (e.g., Ca2+), transition metals (e.g., Zn2+) halogens (e.g., Cl-), and tracer ions (e.g., Rb+, Sr2+).

About Icagen Inc.

Icagen partners with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to offer industry-leading scientific expertise and comprehensive access to technologies for ion channel and transporter drug discovery and development. With over 20 years of leadership in the ion channel field, the Icagen team offers an extensive track record of success in advancing molecules from drug discovery to clinical development across multiple therapeutic areas and ion channel classes. Icagen's growing tool box comprises a broad range of cell lines and technologies for ion channel and transporter research, capped by the label-free XRpro® platform. XRpro® technology, based on X-ray fluorescence, is a novel method that enables high throughput assessment of ion channels and transporters, including challenging systems with high therapeutic interest. Icagen is also exploring extended applications of the XRpro® platform. For more information on our company, please visit our website at

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