Tools & Technologies


Icagen scientists have significant experience creating and optimizing innovative approaches to support the workflow of a pharmaceutical enterprise. Applying years of broad scientific experience and expertise they have developed tools and technologies that solve complex biological challenges.

Assay Miniaturization 

We work with existing assays from partners to create higher density assays that can be employed in high throughput screening campaigns. We have over 25 years of experience doing this historically as part of a major pharma R&D organization. We have had success optimizing assays from 96 well to 1536 well format. This miniaturization is important to reduce the costs for HTS screening campaigns and reduce the requirement for limited reagent supplies. 

We also can miniaturize cellular models with the aims of creating innovative functional models of human disease biology. We have collaborated with Dr. Kevin Parker at Harvard University to create a “Tongue on a Chip”. This technology essentially creates a miniaturized human skeletal muscle in vitro that can be employed for pharmacological, muscle contractility studies for therapeutic agents in a variety of different patient disease and normal backgrounds. The article is published here:

Translational Biomarkers

Leveraging the latest in technology, we are able to work with partners to identify biomarkers that can be employed to monitor the pharmacology of therapeutic agents for clinical development. We employ approaches to screen RNA, or proteins by our high throughput quantitative platforms. In addition, we can also employ our high content imaging capabilities to examine cellular response or characterize tissue samples.

Cell Lines

Icagen has built a repository of rare disease patient cells and continues to expand this in the area of neuromuscular diseases. The cells range from primary fibroblasts to iPSCs that have been generated and quality controlled by our ICAGEN team. All the cells are tested for viral borne pathogens and mycoplasma contamination. Cell lines can also be created on demand to meet specific partner interests. 

Icagen has > 1,000 ion channel cell lines (including human and non-human orthologues and various mutants). For more information and pricing please contact

Automated Patch Clamp

Icagen offers Radioactive Flux, Fluorescence and Electrophysiology assay technologies:

Radioactive Flux

  • 96/384 well Isotope Flux


  • 384 well X-Ray Fluorescence
  • 384 well FLIPR


  • 384 well Syncropatch
  • 384 well IonWorks Quattro
  • Five – PatchXpress Systems
  • QPatch
  • Conventional Patch Clamp
  • Custom cell line generation (new variants)
  • Assay development (multiple formats)
  • HTS assays
  • Electrophysiology
  • Drug discovery partner (HTS, SAR development, lead optimization)