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    Icagen partners with global pharmaceutical and biotech companies to generate high quality, advanced leads. As a focused, Target-to-Lead (T2L) company, we work with collaborators in multi-year, integrated drug discovery programs, as well as individual projects to fill in gaps in R&D efforts.  Our North Carolina (RTP) and Tucson sites were both born from biotech backgrounds and matured within Big Pharma environments.
    While the process of drug discovery starts with a plan, successful teams engage in a continuous learning process of adapting and tuning these plans as a program evolves.  Our scientists have deep experience collaborating within interdisciplinary discovery teams, sharing ideas, insight and data across sites, cultures and corporations. This is a strong and significant advantage, which Icagen brings to the effectiveness of a discovery team.
    In addition to a broad target-based drug discovery history (including ion channels, kinases, GPCR’s, transporters, proteases, etc.), our scientist are broadly experienced in applying complex cellular phenotypes in both primary identification and efficacy assessment.
    The development and validation of key functional assays is often one of the most challenging objectives that a team faces. Here Icagen's experience is both deep and broad having worked with Pharma and Biotech teams across numerous therapeutic areas and target classes. From target/phenotype validation, project planning and execution, through to the qualification of chemical series for pre-clinical candidacy, the experience of Icagen's team is world-class.

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