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Icagen scientists are dedicated to producing very high quality data that enable customers to characterize and develop optimized ion channel modulator drug candidates as indicated by our track record. Clients can gain access to the largest and most advanced collection of existing ion channel cell lines and assay technologies as well as harness our broad experience by teaming with our scientists to develop custom ion channel focused programs.

Voltage-Gated Sodium Channel Portfolio

Voltage-Gated Sodium Channel Portfolio

Icagen has the most extensive collection of cell lines stably expressing functional Nav Channels, including human Nav1.1 – Nav 1.9, species orthologs, distinct disease-related or drug binding site Nav channel mutants, and a broad portfolio of functional assays. Icagen offers services based on these assays from high throughput screening (HTS) and selectivity to detailed biophysical and pharmacological analysis.

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Custom Ion Channel Services

Custom Ion Channel Services

Icagen provides services that enable early stage assay development & screening through late stage lead optimization and safety for voltage- and ligand-gated ion channels using established Icagen cell lines or cell lines newly generated by Icagen scientists. Icagen continually develops custom cell lines and assays to assess gene variants and generate mutations to characterize binding sites and mechanisms of action. These custom reagents can be particularly useful in differentiating active chemotypes, supporting computational modeling and aiding in structural biology to advance drug discovery efforts.

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