Stem Cells

Discovery - Biology


Those seeking drugs that modulate human cellular processes have never been more empowered than they are today. Through a host of technical advances, it is now possible to manipulate primary human cells to create specific target cells through induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) technology. This makes it possible to create test systems using cells derived from specific patient populations and, thereby, relevant disease cohorts. Moreover, recent advances in gene editing via CRISPR/Cas9 have enabled the precise construction of genetically modified target cells. By combining these technologies, Icagen brings the relevancy of human biology into the early drug discovery space.

Application of these powerful technologies requires competence in cell population analysis and subset isolation. Icagen is deeply experienced in isolating human and animal stem cells from tissues using MACS- and FACS-based approaches from both primary tissue and iPSC derived populations. With a focus on genetically defined rare disease, we have gained significant experience isolating and expanding muscle stem cells for tissue engineering, cellular engraftment and drug screening efforts. Additionally, we have executed discovery campaigns using human oligodendrocytes, chondrocytes, neurons and cardiomyocytes.

Today, state-of-the-art discovery teams employ human iPSC-based models across the spectrum of early discovery, including target validation, high-throughput screening, efficacy assessment and series prioritization. Icagen has built deep experience in this field and is prepared to help you evaluate how these technologies fit your needs and can increase your probability of success.