Hit to Lead Optimization

Discovery - Chemistry


Building on the landscape laid out in the Exploration phase, Optimization seeks to create a synthesis of understanding and the delivery of Pre-Clinical candidates.

Operating out of a former discovery R&D site of a large pharmaceutical company, our experienced chemistry team and state-of-the-art infrastructure enable a multi-pronged approach to the most difficult optimization programs. In-house scale-up synthesis and purification simplifies and accelerates the path to non-GLP material for in-vivo Proof-of-Concept studies.

Typical optimization of chemical and biological properties at the early stage includes consideration of the following properties:

  • Targeted changes in molecular topology and features to optimize multiple properties
  • Local structure-based design (classical QSAR or advanced Molecular Dynamics)
  • Iterative cycles activity profile tuning
  • IP landscape mapping
  • ADME and physico-chemical properties
  • Designing and interpreting PK and PD studies and toxicology screens