Automated Patch Clamp

Tools & Technologies - Biology

Today’s emphasis on ion channels in drug discovery and development has necessitated the evolution of flexible, high-throughput automated platforms to obtain quality data and accelerate development. At Icagen, we have invested heavily in our inventory of Automated Patch Clamp (APC) systems to optimize efficiency and support our range of assay technologies.

Our inventory of APCs include:

  • 384 Well Syncropatch
    • Gigaseal system capable of HTS, selectivity profiling and safety studies
  • Five-PatchXpress Systems
    • Gigaseal system ideally suited for high-quality Na channel studies and profiling
  • 384 Well IonWorks Quattro
    • Capable of HTS with focused libraries and profiling
  • QPatch
    • Gigaseal system ideally suited for profiling studies

Our broad set of assay technologies include:

  • Radioactive Flux
    • 96/384 well Isotope Flux
  • Fluorescence
    • 384 well X-Ray Fluorescence
    • 384 well FLIPR
  • Electrophysiology
    • Conventional Patch Clamp
    • Custom cell line generation (new variants)
    • Assay development (multiple formats)
    • HTS assays
    • Drug discovery partner (HTS, SAR development, lead optimization)