Cell Lines

Tools & Technologies - Biology

Icagen has been working in ion-channel drug discovery for 25 years. During this time, Icagen scientists have developed the largest and most advanced collection of existing ion channel cell lines. This collection currently consists of greater than 1,000 cell lines, and includes non-human orthologs and disease mutations. Icagen also houses a repository of rare disease patient cells of muscular and neuromuscular origin, which includes both fibroblasts and iPSCs. In addition, cell lines can be created on demand to meet specific partner interests. All cells are tested for viral pathogens and mycoplasma contamination.

Icagen can generate stable clones in different cellular backgrounds, including primary cells, to express genes of interest at high levels for reagent generation, assay development and biotherapeutic development. Our stable cells are sorted into pure, homogeneous cell populations using fluorescence activated cell sorting techniques.