High Content Screening

Tools & Technologies - Biology

We have a seasoned team of scientists equipped to perform all stages of high content cellular analysis, from assay development to high-throughput screening.

Flow analysis and cell sorting
Leveraging high content approaches that address single cell assays, we employ a BD FACSCalibur, BD FACSAria II and Intellicyt HTFC for full cellular characterization. These instruments afford us the capabilities to assess cellular response to therapeutics and the screening pooled shRNA and CRISPR/Cas9 libraries.

Cellular imaging
To initiate high content screen assay development, we employ a Nikon Eclipse Ti microscope and confocal Olympus FluoView FV10i to test detection methods at high resolution. We perform low resolution high-throughput cell image analysis with the Nexcelom Celigo which is capable of seamless integration on to our HTS robotics system. High resolution analysis is performed with Thermo ArrayScan VTi with incubation chamber, pipettor and integrated plate loader for unattended analysis of large batches of microplates. Leveraging these systems we are able to screen libraries that contain between 100-200,000 small molecules.