Molecular Biology & Biomarkers

Tools & Technologies - Biology

The ability to understand the transcriptional and translational effects of drug candidates is transformative in the discovery process, often enabling assay read-outs closer to desired cellular endpoints. This can be especially powerful when combined with primary cells, or iPSC derived cells in patho-physiologically relevant models. Biomarker identification and detection obviates the need to construct artificial “reporter” systems, saving time and money and avoiding their commonly associated artefacts.

The choices of diseased state “signatures,” be it with respect to transcriptional response patterns or post-translational modifications, are critical for success. Icagen is prepared to help you identify and select the biomarkers most relevant to the processes you wish to modulate.

Gene expression:

  • ABI 7900 (96-well format, 384-well format, or TaqMan Array Cards*)
  • ABI ViiA7 (384-well format or TaqMan Array Cards*)
  • RMD Light Cycler 480 (384-well format) or LightCycler 1536 (1536-well format)

Protein expression/modification:

  • Luminex-based multianalyte profiling
  • Protein array technologies
  • Traditional western-blot analysis