Automated Chemistry

Tools & Technologies - Chemistry

Automated chemistry plays a valuable role in multiple phases of the discovery process. As pioneers in solid-phase synthesis methods, we can design and synthesize for a variety of purposes, including lead generation libraries, compound Exploration/Optimization arrays, and single molecule entities ranging from small molecules to peptides and mini-proteins. Icagen has deep experience in all critical phases of the automation process: design and prediction, synthesis protocol development and optimization, synthesis and finishing.

Automated Synthesis Platforms:

  • Complete automated solid-phase synthesis system based on NanoKan and MicroKan 2-D encoded resin containers
  • Resin filler and Kan-container sorters
  • Tecan-supported synthesis in 96-well plates
  • Labman plate washer
  • High-throughput evaporation of samples in plates and vials

Our unique skills include:

  • Expertise in solid-phase chemistry and combinatorial technologies
  • Experience in solution-phase synthesis of compound arrays
  • Design of compound libraries based on compound properties and synthons reactivity
  • Analysis of IP space and expansion of chemotypes into less populated IP areas