Voltage Dependent Sodium Channel Drug Discovery Screening, Lead Optimization and Candidate Selection using Icagen’s Integrated Service Platform

Supporting Sodium Channel Modulator Development for Nav1.1 – Nav1.9




Voltage gated sodium (Nav) channels are important drug development targets for a wide variety of human health conditions including pain, epilepsy and cardiac rhythm disorders.  Icagen scientists, in collaboration with their pharma partners, have played pivotal roles in the identification and development of the first selective small molecule inhibitors of Nav1.7 and Nav1.8 and most recently for developing tools that allow persecution of the historically challenging Nav1.9 sodium channel pain target. Icagen offers discovery services based on this extensive expertise, its industry-leading portfolio of cell lines including all human Nav channel subtypes (plus many species orthlogs), and its broad set of assay technologies.  

In this webinar, data will be presented demonstrating the capabilities of the Icagen sodium channel platform including high throughput screening of >500K compound libraries, evaluation of Nav channel potency and subtype selectivity, species ortholog activity, mechanism- and site-of-action assessment, as well as detailed biophysical and pharmacological analysis.

Webinar attendees will learn about:

  • The breadth and application of the Icagen Nav channel portfolio
  • Screening and selectivity profiling results for multiple Nav channels
  • Identifying Nav channel compound binding sites
  • How to collaborate with Icagen
  • The benefits of outsourcing Ion Channel discovery

Discussions lead by:

Doug Krafte, Ph.D.
CSO, Icagen, Inc.

Neil Castle, Ph.D.
Director of Biology, Icagen, Inc.

Unparalleled Platform for Development of Nav1.1 – Nav1.9 Sodium Channel Modulators

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