Advancing Ion Channels for Broad Discoveries

As a leader in ion channel drug discovery, OmniAb has deep experience in advancing ion channel drug discovery programs alone and in collaboration with pharmaceutical and biotech partners. The Icagen Ion Channel Technology platform allows progression of challenging ion channel targets by combining novel reagent generation, advanced biophysical analysis and cutting-edge applications of in silico drug discovery tools. The company also has similar depth for certain classes of transporter targets.


Key Advancement, Big Success

OmniAb  has extensive biological capabilities focused on ion channels and transporters, and decades of experience in novel drug discovery from screening to lead optimization. Icagen technologies target challenging indications with significant unmet medical need. 

OmniAb’s, Inc. – Icagen Ion Channel Technology enables pharmaceutical and biotech partners to solve challenges, specifically within neuroscience, chronic kidney disease and more. Together we strive to bring meaningful new medicines to patients as quickly as possible. 


Driving New Discoveries

OmniAb’s team of scientists and experts offer more than a century of combined pharmaceutical and biotech experience advancing ion channel science. With experience spanning the globe, we are a leader in partnering with other scientists to drive drug discovery and advance therapeutic programs.